One Universe Yoga 

Why Yoga? 

*Calms the mind

*Increases flexibility

*Builds strength

*Improves concentration

*Decreases minor aches and pains

*Boosts mood and overall energy level

*Increases metabolism

*Balances hormones


Why Astrology?

*Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses

*Learn how to read and analyze your own birthchart

*Connect to something greater

*Explore how the planets effect daily life

*Receive inspiration and guidance

*Examine your life purpose

Why Meditation? 

*Increase self-awareness

*Boost overall mood

*Handle emotions more effectively

*Build stamina and patience

*Reduce stress

*Improve attention & concentration

About Allison Jones

Allison Jones found yoga in January 2005 during her last semester at Wellesley College. She tried yoga for the first time as an adjunct support to her recovery from an addiction. She began a meditation practice around the same time and has since attended many silent retreats at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA. Allison was blown away to find that yoga and meditation helped her to deal with anxiety, recover from her addiction, become comfortable in her own skin and gain confidence. Several years into her own healing journey, she realized that she wanted to help others experience the benefits of yoga and meditation. Allison strives to inspire others to take good care of themselves and learn to feel more comfortable in their minds and bodies. 


Allison left her career managing an international travel company for to pursue her passions full-time. In December 2017 she and her business partner bought Wonder Yoga Studio in Arlington, MA. She teaches regularly scheduled classes at Wonder Yoga, offers private lessons, astrology readings and reiki sessions. Allison's Training includes:

*200 Hour Teacher Training with Open Doors Yoga January 2009

*85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Training with Five Points Yoga March 2013
*Certified Yogastrologer® with Yogastrology® September 2014

*Core Strength Vinyasa  with Sadie Nardini Oct 2015

*Yin Yoga 50 Hour Certification with Josh Summers January 2018

*Buti® Yoga Certification April 2018

*Yoga Shred ™ Online Certification with Sadie Nardini pending

*Advanced Buti® Yoga Certification pending​