Services - Yoga, Astrology, Meditation & Reiki

 Yoga includes physical postures, breath work and meditation exercises to bring about inner peace. Living a more vibrant and fulfilled life is entirely possible. Are you ready to feel more comfortable in your own skin, calmer, stronger, more focused and effective in your life? Book your session with Allison today.



Private sessions are great for those recovering from injury, those looking to deepen their practice, beginners and anyone else who wants a lot of personal attention! To schedule a private session with Allison email her at 

Fee Schedule

  • 1 person private – 60 minutes - $125; 90 minutes - $160

  • 2 person private – 60 minutes - $140; 90 minutes - $180

  • Group of 3 or more – 60 minutes - $160; 90 minutes - $200

  • Corporate yoga group – 60 minutes - $200; 90 minutes - $250 


Forms of payment include cash, check, or credit card with Venmo or Paypal. Please make checks payable to Allison Jones. If you have questions please email


Over the last 16 years, Allison has studied astrology and how it can relate directly to people's lives. She believes that astrology represents another avenue for personal growth and self-actualization. She loves to work with others and go over their birth charts to see how they can use the position of the planets and stars to their advantage. 

Learn more about what shapes your personality, your dreams and goals. 


75 minutes in person or via phone, Google Hangout or Skype. Cost = $175

Follow up readings  - 45 minutes. Cost = $85.


Forms of payment include cash, check, or credit card with Venmo or Paypal. Please make checks payable to Allison Jones. 

To book your session email Allison at

For more frequent astrology updates follow me on Instagram @oneuniverseyoga and on Facebook - One Universe Yoga.


Meditation sessions can be scheduled with Allison at your office, yoga studio or home. She can lead group and individual meditations in the Buddhist Vipassana (insight meditation) style. 


Reiki helps to stimulate the body's innate ability to heal itself. Emotions and energy can become stuck leading to emotional and physical disturbances. Reiki helps to keep the flow of energy moving.

Allison is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a healing technique involving light touch that helps support one's body and mind to return to wholeness and health. She offers 60 minute reiki sessions at Wonder Yoga in Arlington Heights. For inquires and appointments please email

*Single session - $100

*5 pack - $425

*10 pack - $750


Yoga Testimonials

"I have been practicing yoga in private sessions with Allison for two and a half years. Allison tailors our sessions to meet my specific needs. She is mindful of the speed and the intensity that work best for me and that differs from session to session. Working with Allison has helped to decrease stress, increase flexibility, improve focus and build strength. Allison has a positive attitude and caring nature that also add to the experience!" - Jana K.

"Allison....I love love your music taste, your zen attitude, your resilience and OMG when you touch me/help me in yoga it is sooo calming and when I say touch I mean like push my back/pull my feet, etc. Anyway, you are amazing at what you do and I'm going to miss you a lot! I'm going to continue yoga and thank you for treating me with kindness and teaching me yoga." - Vivian B. 

"Never did I imagine walking into my first class with Allison would involve finding a cure for my life long battle with anxiety and depression. Not only did she teach Yoga, she gave me a piece of her life story in every class with a moral lesson in the end. Taking her class the past year and a half has given me new found strength physically but most importantly mentally. She didn't give peace, she showed me I had it inside the whole time. Thank you Allison for seeing in people what they have yet to discover themselves." - Pavel S. 

Astrology Testimonials

"When I found out Allison did Astrology charts, I jumped at the chance to have her do mine. I don't know a ton about Astrology, but it has always spoken to me. Allison completed a whole report and went through it with me, explaining each section and what it meant; helping me understand how everything related. Mind-blowing. She even hand-painted the report folder, which was the icing on the cake. And of course, she's really pleasant and fun to be around, so the whole experience was wonderful from start to finish. Get your report done by her - you'll be so glad you did!" - Emily M.

​"I came to astrology from a place of pure curiosity. I had been on a path of personal growth and was very interested in learning more about myself. Astrology was another amazing tool to provide insight into my personality. Allison provided that and so much more! First she put the report in a beautiful painted folder (made by her) and the report was an in depth picture of all of the planetary influences and outlined in a way that I could understand. Allison's energy was calm and centered and I felt at ease as she explained what my chart meant to me. She answered my questions thoroughly and honestly and helped me to draw my own conclusions as well! She was incredibly knowledgeable and you could tell she was in her element as she spoke to me! I have since come back to my report over and over again and I love Allison's posts each month on the various things in my life I should pay attention to based on what is happening astrologically. If you are interested at all in receiving this gift, Allison is your girl!" - Catherine H. 

"I'm so pleased with my decision to have Allison read my chart! Her ability to explain the attributes of the planets provided me with personalized insights and illuminated ways to maximize my strengths, while transcending my vulnerabilities. Her passion for astrology really brought the information to life and ignited my curiosity to keep exploring." - Alecia D. 

"Thank you so much for last night's reading. It was super cool to learn about my chart and provided me with some clarity. This stuff is so cool! So great talking to you. Much appreciation." - Kara M.  

"I had a chart reading from Allison and it was truly eye opening. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! I loved the fact that you made me feel extremely comfortable and let me be as open as possible. It truly was a life changing and I'm very grateful for your time. Would definitely recommend to others and would most likely go back for another :)" - Ermig C. 

"I've been curious about my natal chart for quite some time now so as a birthday present to myself I booked a 90 minutes session.  Allison had such a great approach to walking me through my houses, planets, and signs.  She let me ask the questions I needed answered to gain more clarity, and she taught me a ton not just about my chart, but about the whole astrological foundation and philosophy.  Allison really knows her stuff and has a really comforting presence.  I can't wait to dive into my 20 page report that's unique to me and my birth.  I've already recommended Allison to all friends who are interested or even curious about their moon, sun and planets!" - Carla P.